Zebra Press-On Nails

  • Zebra Press-On Nails
  • Zebra Press-On Nails

Available in white/black and multi.


Package includes 12 nails + adhesive tabs

*Strongly recommend using nail glue instead of adhesive tabs for a stronger hold.

1. Remove any nail polish. Wash then dry hands thoroughly. Nails must be completely dry.

2. Select the false nails that most closely match each of your own nails.

3. Apply one nail at a time.

4. Position and press down firmly onto your own nail close to but not touching the cuticle. Hold for a few seconds until fixed

5. Avoid prolonged contact with water for best adhesion.

TO REMOVE: Apply nails in warm water for 5~10 minutes gently peel pre-glued nail from each finger from cuticle.